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Monday, April 21, 2014


Friend and filmmaker Bill Scurry tapped Yer Bunche for NO TALKING DURING THE MOVIES, an internet series wherein various pop culture pundits talk about movies that they're passionate about but that the general public might not be familiar with, and of the many films I could have spoken on a length, I went straight for THE STREET FIGHTER. Regular readers of this blog are already well aware of my high regard for that chopsocky landmark, a film I have often cited as my favorite martial arts movie that takes place in a contemporary context rather than a classical period setting, and when allowed to expound on it for Bill's series I went off for a little over forty solid minutes. What you'll see below is a very short version of my fervid pro-Sonny Chiba rant and I hope to eventually be able to post the full-length shebang. Enjoy!

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